Margaret's Cottage

We don't know much of the history of Margaret's Cottage but we're doing our best to find out more. The cottage and the Royal Oak pub next door were clearly built at the same time (we believe in the 18th century). Both buildings are grade II listed, the pub has been extended several times with work carried out around 140 years ago, and the cottage has a Victorian extension.

For many years, the cottage was part of the Fitzwilliam Estate and the last notable tenant was a lady called Margaret Evans. When we came to buy the cottage, we were greeted by locals as "the people who've bought Margaret's Cottage" or "aaah you live in Margaret's Cottage". Gradually we came to refer to the house by that name, and now, any desire we had to use any other name is long gone.

Margaret lived in the cottage from being 2 weeks old to the time at which she had to go into care. She'd lived in the cottage for over 85 years! If you come and stay, have a chat with some of the locals. They're sure to have plenty of entertaining anecdotes of Margaret and her cottage.


old malton

Originally settled by Celtic tribes, Old Malton was later habited by the Romans. They built a fort and called the settlement Derventio. That's why the river you can see from the front of the cottage is called the River Derwent. If you decide to take a walk into Malton, (just 15 minutes away), you'll pass the Roman fort site in Orchard Fields. On the route, you will also pass the Old Lodge hotel and restaurant which is a 17th century Tudor mansion. 



The centre of the Roman settlement moved to 'New' Malton where crossing the river was easier. It grew to be a busy trading and market town dealing in the agricultural produce from the vale of Pickering and the wool from the Yorkshire Wolds' pastures. Malton also has a motte-and-bailey castle built by the de Vesci family.